Blogmas 2016 – Day 2 – any book

Hey, look i’m still here and its Day 2 already, go me!

Day 2 can be about ‘any book’ so what shall i choose?

Well, i’m bending the rules ever so slightly, more of a tweak really and including 2 books! I know, i’m such a rebel!

I bought the twelve days of Dash & Lily without realising that there was a book about them that came before, once I did i had to buy it and read them in the right order which i did last week and boy, did I love them both.

Sometimes joint authoring of a book can be difficult and will often water down the writing skills of each author but in this case i believe they wrote a chapter each, David with Dash’s part and Rachel with Lily’s and it worked out beautifully. I just adore David’s writing, his dialogue is full of feeling and meaning without being too cheesy or cliched. Rachels writing is more humorous but with a good amount of feels too.

I loved being in the company of Dash & Lily and was so distraught when i finished the last page of The Twelve Days. I miss those guys. So David & Rachel if you ever read this post (about as likely as me piloting a flying pig to the moon) then you must write a new one each Christmas to keep me going please.

Have you read this?

Let me know what you thought?

Merry Blogmas!

Blogmas 2016 – Day 1 – My December TBR

Hey, i’m taking part in Blogmas 2016 which is a fab daily blogging challenge created and run by The Book Moo

What do i have to do?

Well, basically you have to blog every day in December using a list of prompts


I really love these kinds of challenges and i really, really want to complete it but we’ll see. Only time will tell.

So Day 1 is a post about my December TBR is it?  Now I have so much trouble with TBR being a mood reader but here are 4 books I really hope to get read this month


The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper – This would be a re-read and probably only the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Chapters which are so amazingly written! God, this book gives me the warm and fuzzies for sure!
Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland – I’ve already started this and its really well written so I’m hoping to finish it soon.
What Light by Jay Asher – Sounds a nice gentle Christmas read and one i’m really in the mood for right now.
Fantastic Beasts by J.K. Rowling – Wow! this is one I cant wait to read, but also can’t bear to read because a magical book by the queen of Magical books herself does not come along very often nowadays so i want to sip it slowly and make it last.

I’m currently reading this which I forgot to add to the photo (good work me!)


It’s just the perfect read right now and has recipes in for the season too, what more can you wish for?

I’m so looking forward to doing this each day, i wonder how long i will last?

Join in with me and encourage me to stick at it won’t ya?

Happy Blogmas folks!


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