Gertie the greenhouse

Well okay its not strictly a greenhouse you would recognise, it has no glass panels or doors as such but its still a greenhouse to me.

I can start plants and seedlings early next year, hopefully protect some delicate ones over winter and ripen tomatoes off thus extending the growing season.

Its currently helping a tomato plant, sweet peppers, radish and spring onions plus I plan to add my cosmos and hollyhocks seedlings later on when they start coming through.

Its a strange and magical thing how so many people have discovered gardening to be such a great healer in these times of stress.

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Gardening is saving my sanity

It seems the whole country has taken to their gardens as a way of passing the time during this lockdown and to get back to nature which has such healing properties.

We’ve been enjoying the hard work to turn our space into a real garden for the first time.

Im loving the tulips even though only 1/3rd of all planted bulbs actually grew! massive disappointment!

We’ve got veggies in the ground along with tomato plants. Ive got sweet pepper seeds slowly germinating which i hope to grow on in my mini greenhouse whenever it arrives (many weeks ahead sadly)

I’ve ordered some Primula and Hollyhock seeds too although everything right now is so slow to arrive because of the incredible demand on everything online with shops closed.

So happy with the tulips that did emerge though, will be ordering loads more in July from good reputable growers and using the best compost in pots to ensure success.

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