Shakespeare re-tellings disappoint

I have been fascinated by the latest books in the Hogarth Shakespeare series where modern day writers tackle a select few of his works in their own way as part of the Shakespeare 400 anniversary.

I recently bought two of them having waited a while for them to come into paperback.

I really wish i’d not wasted my money!

2016-08-15 18.28.36

I didnt know anything about Howard Jacobsons writing so didnt know what to expect. All I can say really is… can someone translate it for me please?

There are moments of clarity in his writing but then off it goes again into nonsense!

I guess im just not intellectual enough for some of the books i buy.

The Jeanette Winterson one though starts so well and is easier to read by far but then it kind of loses momentum and well, basically its just porn! truly its an excuse to write porn!

I wonder what Shakespeare historians think of these so called re-tellings.

Suffice to say i wont be buying anymore.



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