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7 books i’m anticipating in 2017

Well amazingly its now 23rd October and there’s just under 10 weeks left of 2017! Wow, what happened? who stole it? But, not to worry as there is still plenty more publishing days to be had in 2017 and I have 7 books for you that you may, no, will like to get. How about those then? What books are…

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anticipated reads

5 books i’m uber excited for

So half of 2017 has virtually gone already! How? Where? What have i done with my life? (apart from bought books of course) *Cries all the tears and designs a time machine to go back* But on a positive note here are the Top 5 books I am hugely anticipating for the second half of the year, 3 of them…

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June book haul

Yes, its happened again! I appear to have accumulated a few more books *sighs loudly with head in hands* But hey, its cool and I am NOT sorry and this is why! Now you cant tell me thats doesnt get your blood pumping with excitement, can you? anyway lets just do this thing shall we? Here are the books I…

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