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My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite




Right thats got the disclaimers out of the way.

Now to chat about this amazing bloody book.

When i first saw this on someone’s You Tube channel i cringed, both at the striking cover and the title.

It’s not for me i thought, oh no!

But i was wrong because its bloody fantastic both inside and out.

Korede and her sister Ayoola (the serial killer mentioned above) have a love/hate relationship but Korede cant help looking after her sister the way she’s always done since Ayoola was born. So everytime Ayoola kills a man, Korede helps her out by cleaning up the evidence, disposing of the body and lying to everyone.

I cant help feeling sorry for poor Korede. She justs wants a quiet life with a doctor she has a crush on at the hospital she works in as a nurse, but she keeps getting roped in to help her sister after another failed relationship ends in the death of one of Ayoola’s boyfriends.

Tade, the doctor Korede fancies ends up involved with Ayoola (the women is a temptress who can lure men with her stunning beauty just by smiling at them) and of course Korede as much as she loves her sister cant let the relationship happen in case her precious Tade is the next body she has to clean up. But the outcome of this is classic and we get a glimpse at just how far Korede will go to protect her murderous sibling.

Its very black humour and a light read considering the subject matter and there are lots of little ‘laugh out loud moments’ too.

I felt there would be a twist at the end whereby maybe it was someone else doing the killing or even Korede herself as she kept getting ‘bad heads’ but instead the ending is just perfect without that.

The police in the story are the most incompetent i’ve ever read about in a book and its apparently so easy for the same two women to be involved with these men and yet never suspected, astounding!

Its my first book of the year and what a way to begin 2019. I urge you all to read it.

You’ll thank me.

New Year book haul

Happy New Year! and may 2019 be the best reading year you’ve ever had.

This is all over YouTube and Twitter. It sounds amazing and just look at that cover, striking or what?

I’ve never read any of these books before so now seems like as good a time as any.  I really like mixing up my genres and I’m fascinated by the way of life of those early settlers.

I bought this as a Christmas pressie for my nephew who really liked it and having had a peek inside I really fancied it myself.

Not my usual read but its good for me to read something outside my comfort zone for a change, I may even find a new genre I can get on board with.

From the few pages I’ve read of this it strikes me as the book baby of Robin Hobb and Terry Pratchett.  Sound good?