Books coming out in Oct/Nov

13th October 2018

October really is a stellar month for new books. I’ve never known such a fab lot of titles published in the same month/months. When I say books I actually mean paperbacks, some of these books have already been published in hardback but I always wait for the paperback version if…

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October book haul – part 2

10th October 2018

Yep, it happened. More books!!!!! Another fairly mixed selection and I seem to be drawn to books with Winter in the title lately too. Have you read any of these?

Bookpost 1 – October

8th October 2018

I’ve called this bookpost 1 because I am certain I have a few more books on their way to me but just not sure when. This was sent by Pan Macmillan. Its a fantasy book which is not my usual genre but I’m looking forward to giving this a go.…

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October mini book haul

5th October 2018

I only meant to order one book but then that naughty book devil that sits on my shoulder talked me into buying a few more (damn my weakness) still I don’t care really, I mean how can i regret these? Looking at them its a pretty mixed bag.  I could…

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