May Book Haul Part 1 – Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018

I may have mentioned it before but I’m not a huge fan of book prizes.

I mean, why do women need their own prize for goodness sake?

If there is a real bias in the publishing world for featuring male writers over female then this needs rooting out and destroying, otherwise if its just women whingeing because their books never win the big prizes then maybe its because their books aren’t good enough?

Whatever, thats not my problem but having said that I cant sometimes resist looking at the longlist and shortlist plus this prize is slighty more accessible to someone so low brow as me in my reading tastes.

So I now own 4 books out of the 6 shortlisted.

One of them I was sent in proof form last year but couldnt get on with it.

This is what i’ve bought recently


This years choices are bloody gorgeous, cover wise dont you think?

I am obsessed by this cover for some reason and the whole bonkers, crazy style of writing i’ve heard so much about. Can’t wait to dive into it. This never actually made the shortlist but was on the longlist.

Another lovely cover and this is the only one ive read so far. Well I read 2/3rd of it which I was loving but then the final 1/3rd goes a bit barmy and the whole way of writing changes which i found a bit off putting so i scanned the rest to get the gist of the story. Up to then it was a 5* read but it ended up 2-3* sadly.

I just adore the bright colours of this cover with all the writing and review snippets! G’ah!

I’m thinking this sounds a bit brutal and may not be my cuppa in the end but i’m excited to see how different this style of writing is from what i’ve heard.

and finally

Oh the rainbow has been used to great effect here hasn’t it? Annoyingly its missing a shortlist sticker!

I think this sounds like the lightest of all the books and maybe the easiest to read? Time will tell.

The winner is announced on 6th June but I doubt very much that i’ll have them all read by then. 25 days would be a doddle for most people but not slow old me.




September Book Haul

Yes its happened again!

Yes I have more books!

Get over it!

Lets get to the books shall we?

I dont usually follow book awards especially not The Man Booker. All the books chosen are usually far too ‘high falutin’ for me but I have been eagerly waiting for Autumn by Ali Smith to come out and Elmet sounds really good so I had to get them.

UPDATE and WARNING: Just begun reading Elmet and this is why i hate books long or shortlisted for awards. Its really beautifully written and nicely descriptive but in just over 30 pages there are so many scenes of violence, ITS SICK! I cant read anymore and i’m sending it back!

I havent read a Nicholas Sparks book in yonks so it was time i remedied that.

Songs about a Girl was good so i decided to get book two to continue the story and find out more about the boy band characters.

Nature writing is a bit of a change for me and this year i’m trying to read more widely and especially genres i’ve never tackled before. This cover though, whoooosh! How gorgeous is the white and gold design?

This book was originally published in 1910 so I am really looking forward to seeing the different writing style for that time in history.

I didnt even know this book existed until i did a search on Amazon for The Brontes. It has essays and letters from the Brontes!

I know I say this everytime but I really am sooooo excited for all of these books.

What books are you excited for right now?



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