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Gertie the greenhouse

Well okay its not strictly a greenhouse you would recognise, it has no glass panels or doors as such but its still a greenhouse to me.

I can start plants and seedlings early next year, hopefully protect some delicate ones over winter and ripen tomatoes off thus extending the growing season.

Its currently helping a tomato plant, sweet peppers, radish and spring onions plus I plan to add my cosmos and hollyhocks seedlings later on when they start coming through.

Its a strange and magical thing how so many people have discovered gardening to be such a great healer in these times of stress.

Tulips are my new passion

With the world as it is right now I’ve been finding peace, tranquility and a cure for boredom in gardening.

Our garden has never been up to much. Neither of us had the interest to make anything of it before now apart from our wonderful wildlife pond and some spring bulbs I planted last September, also due to a need to help me through a medical crisis of sorts at the time.

Clearly in times of stress, worry and uncertainty I go out the garden and tackle something.

I planted over 30 tulip bulbs but sadly i’ve had less than half come up. The ground is not brilliant, we have a very heavy clay soil with so many stones. It most probably needed a bit more tlc than we gave it before planting them but Hey Ho at least we got some and look how gorgeous they are too

This began as a pale lemon colour
Then it went to a light apricot
and now its a warm orange

Colour changing tulips are proof there is real magic in the world, how clever was someone to breed a flower that changes colour?

Gorgeous scarlet with black centre
Plum/mulberry with white tips

I think the one above is my favourite so far.

How have I lived all this time without these gorgeous flowers in my life. I cant stop photographing them so I can have the pleasure of looking at them long after they have died off for this year. I now want to learn all I can about tulips and the multitude of different breeds, colours and designs.

I am in danger of becoming a tulip bore!

We’ve uncovered a border which was languishing beneath a plastic sheet for years. It was where we had our vegetable cage. We’ve spent days digging it over (oh my aching back and my aching knees come to that)

Can someone please tell me how one small plot of land can have so many stones in it! What even are stones? where do they come from? I dont like them, we are not friends. Stones be gone!

I’ve managed to order some plants from my local Garden Centre to go in there. A mix of shrubs and perennials which im hoping will compliment each other and give us a proper looking garden again. They are due to arrive Monday and i cant wait!