Where has this David Levithan book been all my life?  Its meant for younger readers, doesnt have a lot of writing on some pages, has photographs and looks and sounds wonderful!

cool book covers or what?

I am so looking forward to reading it and adding it to my ever growing collection of David Levithan books.

I’ve actually been avoiding the Evelyn Hardcastle book because i thought it was just another book with a women in the title like the run of books after the weird Elinor Oliphant thing, but it seems this is something quite different and because the protagonist wakes up each day as someone else also a bit like Every Day by David Levithan!

Talking of which David has a new book coming out tomorrow, connected to Every Day and Another Day, Yay!

In fact October is a damn fine month for new books with three tomorrow and another four on the 18th.

There goes my bank balance!