These postcards are going home

Written from and too members of the Pool family

I bought these three postcards many years ago now because I love collecting postcards that are written on and especially if they are part of a collection which has all been sent to or by the same family.

Today i saw a thread on Twitter where two lovely people I follow were discussing some postcards which i wondered may have had a connection to this family and the fact that a descendant of the Pool family had got in touch and the postcards were heading back to their rightful home.

See Lynn’s fascinating blog for the whole story which is written much better than I ever could Lynn’s Waffles

So, i dug these ones out and after many Tweets and emails found that they are part of the same family and that the descendant would love to have them, as indeed i would if i came across postcards/photos/documents etc written by my ancestors.

I have just returned from posting them off and i’m so excited to think that they will be back where they always belonged 112 years after they were posted!

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Postcards of Edward VII 1901 – 1910

A couple of postcards of King Edward VII that I acquired recently. This for me is what a King should look like. Regal and very impressive. The first one has a lovely message on the back.
Edward VII
back of postcard
This card was sent to a Miss Coles, c/o Mrs Buxton in Surrey.  I love the part of the message when it says
“I thought you might like one of the dear old chap”
What an affectionate term and its nice to know he was a popular King. The second card is very special.
Edward VII
This card is to commemorate the King after his untimely death on 6th May 1910. His funeral was held on 20th May, this card was sent on 21st May and the sender mentions going to see the funeral and that they had a fairly good view. Its sent to a Miss Allaway in Victoria, London The funeral was the largest gathering of European Royalty ever to take place, with representatives of 70 states, and the last before many Royal families were deposed in World War 1 and its aftermath.  Imagine seeing all those European Kings and Queens, what a sight it must have been. I think that makes it so special and its made this card top of my Royalty pile.

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Royal families

Up to now I have been collecting Edwardian postcards based on a message on the reverse of the card, I don’t trust the authenticity of a card unless it has been clearly postmarked plus I love reading the message and maybe doing some research on the people mentioned.

I am not much bothered by the image on the front although I have collected cards of places and buildings local to me and Edwardian actresses. However I now have a new interest in Royalty of the period.

I saw this card for sale

King George V with his children

It grabbed me straight away because I have always been a life long Royalist. This depicts King George V with four of his children David (Edward VIII), Albert (George VI), Mary and Henry. I love the poses of the little Princes and Princess, its a perfect image.

It made me go searching on ebay for more (always a costly business) and I came across this one

The Czarewitch of Russia

It shows the youngest child of the Tsar of Russia, one of the Romanovs who were sadly massacred in 1918. I have always been really interested in their story as my Grandfather was involved in the Russian Revolution in a small way. He went to Russia with the North Russian Expeditionary Force in late 1918 to help shore up the allies fighting the Bolsheviks there.
There are quite a few great postcards out there but the prices being asked are a bit too high for me plus most of them weren’t postally used which for me means its a waste of money in case they are later reproductions.
I shall just have to keep my eyes open at bootfairs for some.

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