Nature ramble did me good

Went to One Tree Hill for a car picnic lunch and a good old wander around. Got some much needed exercise climbing the steps up to the top where there is a fab view of the river Thames and across to Kent.

Saw some wonderful old gnarly trees

a very cool wood carving

and so many spring flowers.

I especially loved all the holes in the tree trunks which reminded me of Winnie the Pooh

This ones even filled with rainwater

It was a nice refreshing hour which quite cheered me up.

Friday Smiles – Week 265

Hello everyone and Happy Easter. I’m joining in once again with Annie’s Friday Smiles

My new guinea pig finally has a name! He’s called Freddie.

He’s still very nervous but will come to the open cage door and take food from my fingers and sometimes get a little tickle but is still at the hiding from all loud and scary noises stage. He seems very happy though as he’s always ‘popcorning’ around the cage and he and Snowy are getting on famously.

Despite the weather being chilly again and the tiny threat of sleet and snow (again!) my daffodils are looking gorgeous out front. They are my favourite flower and i think look best when you have a whole field of them but i’m no gardener so, this will have to do

The Easter bunny still visits here even though my son is now in his 20’s and these are his favourites. Mine too come to that.

I hope the weather is good for you, have a great week with lots to smile about.