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Making a cold frame

When the weather warms up a bit (soon I hope) Im gonna take some cuttings from my geraniums and cyclamen. Trouble is I dont have the windowsill space for them so I persuaded hubby to make me a cold frame so they can sit in the garden safely without fear of frost getting to them (hopefully)

too much of my arm demonstrating the lid opening

Its now actually green not brown but couldnt be arsed to take more photos -ha!

Its come out well, he’s a clever old sausage my other half.

Nature ramble did me good

Went to One Tree Hill for a car picnic lunch and a good old wander around. Got some much needed exercise climbing the steps up to the top where there is a fab view of the river Thames and across to Kent.

Saw some wonderful old gnarly trees

a very cool wood carving

and so many spring flowers.

I especially loved all the holes in the tree trunks which reminded me of Winnie the Pooh

This ones even filled with rainwater

It was a nice refreshing hour which quite cheered me up.