Bloggers need comments too

19th August 2017

I’ve been writing blogs in various forms for over 10 years now and I love it. As a book blogger I enjoy the writing process, getting my thoughts down, sharing my views and recommending books but there has always been one thing that really narks me about blogging. The lack of comments! Bookish folk with You Tube channels have far more ways to see if their posts are enjoyed or engaged with than us bloggers.…

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How i keep organised with new books

7th January 2017

Watching so many book tubers as i do I get to hear about loads and loads of stupendous new books coming out in a few weeks/months time. Now i dont know about you but i cant keep track of them all and their publishing dates and i’d hate to miss even one of them being available for purchasing, wouldnt you? So whats the solution? Spreadsheets!¬† yes thats right a good old fashioned spreadsheet. Here’s one…

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