ATC treasure chest – Part One

Being a crafty but easily bored sort i fancied a change so hubby kindly took me to our local branch of Hobbycraft and i came back with these goodies

I’ve decided to do a spot of decoupage and bought a papier mache treasure chest to spice up. Then i intend to keep my ATC’s inside and other precious items.

I’ve given you a sneaky peek of the papers ive chosen. I also got some gesso, glue and a brush.  I’m thinking fun could be had here today.

Check back later for Part Two

Summer in February – Lamorna Cove painters

Girl Reading by Harold Knight, husband of Dame Laura Knight
 The Morning Ride – a portrait of Florence Carter Wood by A.J. Munnings

I’ ve been reading a great book called ‘Summer in February’ by Jonathan Smith. Its been made into a film which is due out soon starring Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame. Its a true story about an Edwardian artistic community of painters, a love triangle and a fascinating biography of such talented men and women. Its set in my favourite time of history too, the so called Golden Age before the First World War.
Of all the characters in the book, Harold Knight comes over as the least interesting for me but his art is stunning and he is far and away my favourite artist. He was the husband of Dame Laura Knight and i feel got a bit overshadowed by her success in later years.
Girl Reading (see pic above) is so amazing it looks like a photograph especially the light on the cushion behind her head.
A.J. Munnings painted September afternoon on the Stour, Dedham. I am not a huge fan of his work but its incredible when you consider that he was blind in one eye following a childhood accident. I love the colours in this painting, you can feel the late summer sunshine.
Its a great book which i thoroughly recommend.

Friday’s Smiles Week 23

I’ve had a very smily week since i saw you all last here on this great feel good fest hosted by Annie from A Stitch in Time
My hubby came back from his sailing trip on Monday ( i missed him so that was heaps of smiles) and brought me back a small gift
Its the 19th century version of the iPad, called a slate board. He bought it in a gift shop on one of his stops. Only thing is it makes my teeth go on edge as it squeaks when you write on it. *shudders*
On Tuesday my son went to London with some friends for the day on his day off from work and brought me back a gift.
A pen carved out of wood with a lovely bright cockerel on. He bought it in Covent Garden and i love it.
Also on Tuesday whilst at Rock Choir i found out we have a performance coming up in July, so i actually get to perform in public for the first time, I am so excited *squeals*
Oh and i conquered a fear about the dentist and took myself off there for the first time in ages.
Finally, i know you all like my piggie pups so a little pic of them to end my smily week.
3 weeks today and doing well.
Here’s hoping your week is full of smiles.
Gill x

Friday’s Smiles Week 22 – cuteness overload

Good morrow fellow smilers, i hope i find you all well and ready to grin your way through the next week.

This week i thought id show you a short video of my guinea pig pups. They are two weeks old today. All are healthy and have new owners and homes to go to in a few weeks (i will miss them.)
If you haven’t arrived here from Annie’s blog then you may want to go right there to see what this weekly happy fun is all about.
short and sweet this week so take care and see you next Friday
Gill x

What’s on your workdesk? Wednesday 210

A brief one for me this week.
 I was lucky enough to receive another 2 ATC’s and some extra goodies
These are from Chris 
I love the bits n bobs she sent me too
This is from Ria and she sent me a lovely tag too which will make a great bookmark for me.
Thank you ladies, they are wonderful.
Now my desk is not as busy or as interesting as last week but ive still been doing some more in my art journal. I am now addicted to making pages for it. What have i been doing all these years?
You can see the page i was making to enter The Craft Barn’s Alpha Challenge for the first time, some magazines, my glasses and a dictionary which is much needed for the challenge.
Right thats enough of my desk so clicky your mouse HERE to go visit Mrs Julia and snoop a bit more.

Gill x

Alpha Challenge 12 – the letter U

It may be the 12th page for most of you but its my first page entered on this challenge. I have been looking from afar at some of the clever and creative entries each fortnight and finally decided to dip my toe in the water and take part.
I didnt have a spare dictionary plus im not keen on altering books so have decided to use an art journal instead.
For the letter U I chose UTENSIL
I typed out the dictionary meaning and printed it out to mod podge it on to my page. I intend to do any future entries that way so hope i hope this meets with the rules of the challenge.
I used acrylic paint on the background, cut out some knives, forks and spoons from a handy magazine and then wrote some words using my favourote white pen.
Here is a close up of the definition
If you fancy joining in then click HERE to go to the Craft Barn and check out what words others have used.

Friday’s Smiles – Week 21

Here it is once again, Friday and with it many good reasons to smile. 
If you want to join in this great Friday smilefest then clicky this here LINK to go see Annie’s lovely blog and take part.
Things that have made me smile this week are my guinea pig babies who are all doing well one week on and munching hay and food like their parents, arent they amazing animals.
Here you can see two of them having a feed from mummy – everyone say ‘aaaaahhh’
And something that i dont often talk about which is my garden. We’ve never really been into gardening and having chickens you can’t grow much anyway unless its in tubs and then they all die for me, but, now that my hubby is retired and thankfully feeling much better than he was last year he decided to cut the grass and re-discovered the path to the shed, cut back the bushes and now it looks lovely and i enjoy sitting out there in this nice weather.
lovely fishy friends
lawn looking nice for a change
laurel tree? please inform me if wrong
tidy but empty borders
I reckon he’s done a grand job and i intend to keep it tidy this time (famous last words) I love my pond and the little waterfall which is such a relaxing sound.

Well thats my smiles for this week, ill just pop over and see yours now.
I hope your week is full of smiles
Gill x

What’s on your workdesk? 209

Happy WOYWW 209 to everyone and especially our lovely host Julia.
Well, wasn’t last week fun. Its my first time making and swapping ATC’s and at time of writing i have posted five and received three, with some more that are winging their way to me in the post, how exciting is that.
Now for my desk this week and you will amazed to see that i’m embracing the mess for once.
You can see my laptop, my little hunny pot holding my most used crafting pens, my ATC’s next to it waiting for me to decide how i will store or display them. My art journal with a page i’m working on, Dymo LetraTag label maker which has been sitting in a drawer for god knows how long but now brought into service. Pages from mags i’ve torn out and my trusty pot of Mod Podge (Podgy)
And now,
*plays fanfare*
Here are the ATC’s i’ve kindly been sent so far.
This is from the lovely Jo of JoZart. I love Zentangle and the details in this are amazing. The moustache patterned tape on the envelope made me chuckle too.

This beautiful one from another Jo, Twiglet. It’s made with material and she has even printed the WOYWW word on to material. That is so clever. She sent it with a pretty card too.
And my first overseas ATC came from Kim Young of Kim’sCreations. She was the person on the list below me that i had to send to, however, she kindly said she would send me one in return, isn’t that lovely?

I love the colours she’s used and how she packs so much into such a small space.
A humungous thank you to you ladies.
As I say i’ve never made an ATC before. I love all things in miniature but am not good at making small things, my fingers are too sausage like for a start, but, as i really wanted to join in I gave it a go and surprise, surprise i really enjoyed it. My first ones were not that good and i didnt take any pics for some reason but i am pleased with the later efforts.
I think most people should have received them now so i can show you without spoiling surprises
If you would like to join in with this wonderful desk snooping fun then clicky your mousy HERE.
If you are new here and dont know what on earth i’m waffling on about then clicky HERE for more details.
Gill x

House of Bears June Challenge – Jane Eyre

I’ve finally decided to join in with this great just for fun book Challenge run by the wonderful blog that is The House of Bears
This month the book is Jane Eyre and the bears have kindly given us a list of quotes to use. I immediately went for “Everything in life seems unreal” and created this page.
I decided to go for the surreal option rather than the literal one although Jane Eyre is one of my favourite all time books.
Foolishly i didnt take photos as i went along. I was enjoying myself so much it slipped my mind
I already had the background done but then cut out some images from magazines and made them a little unusual thus my use of the quote.
I mod Podgedgyed them down and added the quote using my DYMO Letratag machine which has been sitting in a drawer for yonks.
Thanks bears for such a fun challenge.
Gill x

Teddie & Harvey become proud parents

Sometime in the early hours of Friday 31st May my darling guinea pig Teddie gave birth to three gorgeous pups. They are peruvian, short haired crosses


no name

liquorice allsort


I cant believe how quickly they grow, even today they seem so much bigger, stronger and cheekier. Im still waiting for my other piggie, Cookie to give birth to her pups which should be anyday soon.