easy NO SEW blanket is made

Now that my mojo has been found, hiding in a drawer would you believe, i decided to have a go at the blanket making project i posted about a few weeks back (see post here) I chose a patterned and a plain fleece for the project so it would have a reversible design.   I layered them and used safety pins to keep them together while i trimmed the edges square. I made a 4…

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Bootfair bargain – update

This was my cabbage patch lady who came to me via a bootfair for 50p (see post for details). I love rescuing unloved cabbies and bringing them back to life. So, after a good face wash with soap and a spot of Cif (other cleaners are available), a hair wash, a body sponging and some new clothes this is the end result   I am quite pleased with how she looks now, not bad for…

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My Life Story – 100 year diary

If you’ve ever wanted to write down your memories and thoughts for your children, grandchildren or just yourself you might like one of these They call it a 100 year diary and it is over 2 inches thick and a beautifully bound hardback book. It has pages for journalling and photographs.  It comes in a nice slip case too. Its a bit pricey at around £26. I got mine from Amazon as a treat to…

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things to smile about – week 38

Its Friday, its early and its time for…. Friday Smiles!  If you fancy sharing whats made you smile this week then clicky this here LINK to visit Annie’s lovely blog A Stitch in Time for more information. I warn you though it will make you smile, laugh and giggle your head off. Last Saturday gave me so many smiles my face began to ache. The reason being I finally got to meet a special lady…

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52 weeks of happy – 50/52

Well i think i have come rather late to this lovely idea. Its hosted by Jen at Little birdie   I’ve only just found out about it via another lovely blog called thistlebear. I’m presuming that it may go on for another 52 weeks so here is my first post and some photos of things that have made me happy this last week. We met these eight lovely people for the first time over the weekend. They…

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bootfair bargain

This weeks bootfair bargain is…..    a cabbage patch doll she is a later model from 2004 and in much need of some TLC but at 50p i couldnt just walk past her. I’ll spruce her up with a clean, new clothes and hair style and you won’t recognise her.

No sew fleece blanket

I just found this on Snapguide and it sounds so easy Check out How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket (W/out Bulky Knots) by T F on Snapguide.http://images.snapguide.com/static/js/embed/script.min.js

Family restoration

I’ve been researching ancestors a little less distant recently such as my late father and his World War 2 records.  Back in January i came across some photos of him in uniform which i’d had for years without realising as they were in the left along with all the rest of the junk up there.  It was a real thrill to find these but one of them had a few creases and spot marks but…

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the magpie in me

Its true I am a magpie. I love small, bright, sniny and especially silver objects. Trouble is i cant afford to collect pure silver but have found items which are just as beautiful but are silver plated pewter instead. Behold the beauty of these little darlings Its a pig pin cushion which forms the lid of a very small box which you could keep your pins in. Its approx 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Around…

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Whats on your workdesk? Wednesday 221

As you can see my workdesk is tidy. (Sorry i know how much that might offend you lot) It is also boring. This is because… *dramatic pause* I am a lapsed crafter!! *gasps of horror* Yes i can finally admit that i have not done any crafting for months now.  Phew, that feels good. Instead i have been reading, gardening and doing some family history. I can feel the stirrings of something crafty though so…

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