Hello there, I hope i find you all well, healthy and with a desk full of goodies for me to snoop at. I’ve cleaned my desk especially for your visits this week, those pesky moggies of ours love to wander all over it with mucky […]

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More photos from my DSLR

Tom resting his weary paws Jack in action mode on the fence   Meg posing as usual a misty morning the other day my lovely son who patiently posed for me Put this one into Photoshop Elements and tweaked it a bit effects added via […]

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where did all the pictures go?

Well this is a mystery. I opened my blog this morning to discover that for some reason all my images have vanished and been replaced by a grey stop sign.  I’ve Googled the problem and carried out suggested solutions but nothing has worked. It seems […]

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WOYWW 248 with a new toy

Only 12 weeks away from another wonderful ATC swap to celebrate 5 years of desk snooping? I cant believe its come round so quickly. Best i get making some a.s.a.p. so i can join in again. Right, back to this week and whats on my […]

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I get a new toy

Hi all,  How is everyone? Hope the slightly nicer weather we’ve had is also making you happier where you are. I’m here to show you my latest toy/gadget/useful piece of kit. A Digital SLR camera!  Yay!! You may know by now that i do take […]

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WOYWW 247 with pressies

WOYWW? I hear you ask.  Well its a great blog hop/desk snoop/nosy parker fun time hosted by Julia over at The Stamping Ground  Join in with us, its great fun and you get to know such lovely folk from all around the globe. Well my […]

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