Gelli printing first attempt

Hi folks i hope you are all well and not suffering too much with flooding, snow, strong winds or succumbing to man/woman flu.
Me? i’m dandy thanks, I’ve been having heaps of fun with my new Gelli plate. I’ve been watching others demonstrate how to use it for months and finally ive got one meself Woo Hoo!
All i can say is, how did i manage for so long without one they are FAB!
It was a great opportunity to begin using some of the new stencils i recently got too
Isn’t this one gorgeous?
Well i had me a play and time seemed to vanish for 2 hours while i produced these.
these three were made using the end of a paintbrush to scribble a design
this was made using a paper stencil i cut out, bit like making snowflakes
It is very addictive and pretty soon i’m gonna have a stack of prints to play with so better get my crafting brain in gear.
Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn
Gill xx

A smile for Friday – week 51

Hello lovely people in blogland, i hope Friday finds you all well and looking forward to another weekend.
Annie, thanks for featuring me this week, my ‘walrus’ will be chuffed.
My smiles this week are quite varied.
I won some lovely craft stash in a giveaway on the top blog that is The House of Bears
ive blogged about this in the post below  i cant wait to get playing with it all.
as you probably know by now i love taking photos and one of the subjects i enjoy taking most is of the sky and clouds. we had this amazing mackerel (not very scientific name i know) cloud formation on Saturday. It was quite stunning and lasted for hours.
and finally even though i cant pretend to enjoy hailstorms i did find this pile of hailstones funny.
these are the hailstones about 3 hours after the storm and i think it looks like a piece of bubble wrap but i love how its taken the shape of the step and door.
If you have lots to smile about this week why not join in with the fun and link your smiles to Annie’s blog.
till next week
Gill xx

i’m a craft stash giveaway winner!

I love blogs and i love being in blogland. There are just so many talented, funny, kind, entertaining folks out there and sadly for me not enough time to read all their blogs as much as i’d like to.  There are also special things like giveaways and competitions where super exciting craft goodies are offered for simply being a follower of that blog. Now i enter a lot of those and just a week ago I actually won one.  It was courtesy of the very wonderful House of Bears blog. They have an annual Christmas giveaway and this year you had to guess how many bears were hidden in santa’s sack. (Rest assured that no bears were harmed in the process but a few probably got a bit bored sitting in there for weeks and may have eaten too much chocolate as a distraction).
The answer was eight and I was so thrilled to have guessed correctly. This is what i won
rubber stamps, lovely paper, stickers, a book of inspirational quotes and a gorgeous junk journal made by the Bears themselves. Oh and a chocolate bar which i’m sure a bunch of chocoholic bears must have struggled to part with.
Here is the journal in close up
and they also sent a beautiful handmade card.
I was very lucky and it really made 2014 begin for me with a smile.
So thank you bears for your kindness. If you haven’t read their blog please do so its full of fun, crafty goodness and inspawration.  I’m off to have a play now.
Gill xx

Friday’s Smiles – Week 50

Good morning fellow smilers and a very Happy New Year to all the lovely people i’ve met on here in the last year. I hope we all have loads of things to make us smile in 2014 too.
Not sure i can match Annies wonderful smiley pic today. Im so pleased for you and hope your move 
goes without a hitch.
I had a wonderful Christmas of food, family and fun which is just how i like it.
This is hubby doing his walrus impersonation with some turkey bones. He has also done this in public at a restaurant (oh the shame)
And to top it off Santa sent me two wonderful elves to wash up for me after dinner, my son and my nephew, bless their cotton socks.
Thems my smiles this week. Now hop over to Annie’s blog to see more. I must warn you though that your face may not recover from smiling/laughing/chuckling as its a lot of fun.

Im also linking this to Rocking your world Friday

Happy New Year
Gill xx

art, journal, love and doodling for fun

I don’t know how many of you know of or even have a copy of Art, Doodle Love by Dawn Devries Sokol but if you like doodling, drawing and just expressing yourself on paper then its the book for you.
I first blogged about it back in March when i got my copy so i thought i’d share with you a few of the pages ive completed since then.
Its great fun to just revert back to being a kid again and doodle, colour and create to your hearts content.
As i’ve said in an earlier post i cant draw for toffee but using this book makes me feel like i’m a real artist.
Check out Dawn’s wonderful blog HERE and the Facebook page for Art Doodle, Love HERE
Gill xx

A smile for Friday with a festive feel

Well here we are again, another Friday and more importantly the final one before Christmas, how exciting is that?
If you havent joined in with this smilefest before now then you are missing out on some great fun and meeting some even nicer folk in blogland. Clicky HERE to visit Annie’s blog and find out what to do.
Now i love Christmas so i just had to share this funny video with you all, if you’ve never heard it before stick with it, it gets funnier and funnier as it goes along.   I laugh more each time i hear it.


I hope you dont mind but i took liberties with your blog badge and gave it a festive makeover

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, eat, drink, be merry, enjoy yourselves and document the evidence for future friday smiles.
Gill xx

a Christmas card for you all

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my blog and left me lovely comments since it began almost 1 year ago now so i thought i’d send you all a Christmas card. 

I’ve had such a great time this year meeting all you lovely people in blogland, its a great place to share ideas and how to’s and photos which make you smile and desks which may be tidy or messy.
Thanks for your company along the way and here’s to 2014 and even more blogging fun.
I wish you and your kin a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year
Gill xx

A Festive Friday Smile

My smiles this week are festive ones too Annie.
I LOVE Christmas! 
There i’ve said it.
I dont just like it
I LOVE it.
And even though i’m of a wise and mature age and my son is also an adult now we decided to go mad this year and put our tree up on 1st. Normally we wait a week or so but we were very lucky as we were given a beautiful display cabinet by a relative who is downsizing so whilst we were moving stuff around we thought we may as well put the tree up. 
Our tree is a plastic one and almost 20 years old now but still looks great every year. You can see the new cabinet in the corner too.
Domino loves it too and has made his home there for the next few weeks.
Thems my smiles now go check out Annies blog for more reasons to crack your face.
Gill x

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A Friday smile and a scary cat

A very good Friday to all my blogging friends out there joining in with Annie’s smashing smiley shares. Want to join in then go visit A Stitch in Time for more info.
I hope my pic may make you smile this week too. Its of Lucy one of our cats who earlier in the year had to have loads of teeth removed bless her (she was a stray when we got her) Now she has only a couple of teeth left and when she yawns or meeows now she shows two fangs.  Fear not though she is a sweetie really. I managed to grab this pic of her the other day and you can just see a fang showing.
Beware the vampire kitty!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha (imagine evil laugh)

Gill xxx

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