My brave mum

We have boxes and bags of old photos, documents and nic naks up in our loft, most of them ive known of for yonks. However, a few weeks back i ventured up there to find something and came across an old envelope dated 1946. What it contained both thrilled and moved me at the same time.   a close up shot so you can read what it says. How great is that? It was given to my late mum, she was only 19 at the time. She began working there when she was 16. She wanted to go into the

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WOYWW? 245

A very tidy and fairly empty desk today but at the end are my two lovely new storage boxes i bought from WHSmith yesterday,   they are doing a BOGOF promotion on them and i got both for £4.49, well pleased!  And whats even better is that they are actually what i went to Smiths to buy so not a false economy. Arent you impressed? They are to store some of my millions of photos and cuttings which will end up in my journals.  In the front of the pic is my mug with all my favourite pens for when

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Friday’s Smile week 54 with a puffle

This is a puffle say hello to her puffles love truffles so feed her a few puffles can be green or blue  or any colour of the hue this puffles called Nelly  and boy she loves jelly say bye to the puffle as she eats her truffle Just a bit of madness for you this week.  Click on the word SMILE to get to the smiliest blog around. Gill xx

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday and more journaling fun

Hello fellow desk snoopers, hope i find you all in the rudest of health? Bit late joining in today but here is whats occurring on the old desky today I’ve been in an arty mood since i got home from work and decided to try to make some backgrounds using good old acrylic paint. I have to say im really pleased with both pages. The page on the right was made using my hands and just smushing the paint around and drying between colours and the page on the left is just the leftover pink paint i had just spread

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playing in my art, doodle, love book

Been having a play in my wonderful Art, Doodle, Love book. I love that the backgrounds are all done for you so its ready to simply doodle, paint, collage or whatever makes you happy. Not being able to actually draw very well i usually find a picture in a magazine which calls to me  I choose a page in my book that i think it will work well on Think about where on the page i want it to go then i slap on far too much Mod Podge (or Mod Podgy as The House of Bears call it) but

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Fridays Smiles – week 53 – food & family

Morning Annie, Thanks for hosting another Friday smilefest to cheer us all up. Love your treasure hunt, wish i could have been there. What am i on about? Clicky HERE to visit Annie’s blog and find out how you can share your happy moments from the last week. I’ve had me some yummy, happy moments since we last met. We were taken out for a meal by my hubbys sisters family as a treat for hosting them at Christmastime. They have just moved and are unable to return the favour yet with all the unpacking.  a rare pic of hubby

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What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 242

Hello all you desk snoopers out there. I’ve not had much happening on my desk for ages but now i’ve made a journal using my old Christmas cards which you can see on the right of the photo and proof on the left that i can do messy crafting and enjoy it too. Its been so much fun painting them and making the cover but… I dont like the result!  I made the spine too deep for the amount of cards i had and too narrow at the same time, if you get my meaning. (see post below for more

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Recycled Christmas card journal

Good afternoon from a bright but breezy Essex. I trust your weekend is fabulous? Well, i finally finished making my journal from recycled Christmas cards following a video by the wonderful Jellibellie. Click HERE  to view it for yourself and make one. I began this a few weeks back but then lost interest as im prone to do. The thought of painting or covering the cards seemed too daunting. However, then i got me a brayer to use on my Gelli plate and its made the whole thing so much easier. I only covered one side of the cards as

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