Royal families

Up to now I have been collecting Edwardian postcards based on a message on the reverse of the card, I don’t trust the authenticity of a card unless it has been clearly postmarked plus I love reading the message and maybe doing some research on the people mentioned.

I am not much bothered by the image on the front although I have collected cards of places and buildings local to me and Edwardian actresses. However I now have a new interest in Royalty of the period.

I saw this card for sale

King George V with his children

It grabbed me straight away because I have always been a life long Royalist. This depicts King George V with four of his children David (Edward VIII), Albert (George VI), Mary and Henry. I love the poses of the little Princes and Princess, its a perfect image.

It made me go searching on ebay for more (always a costly business) and I came across this one

The Czarewitch of Russia
It shows the youngest child of the Tsar of Russia, one of the Romanovs who were sadly massacred in 1918. I have always been really interested in their story as my Grandfather was involved in the Russian Revolution in a small way. He went to Russia with the North Russian Expeditionary Force in late 1918 to help shore up the allies fighting the Bolsheviks there.
There are quite a few great postcards out there but the prices being asked are a bit too high for me plus most of them weren’t postally used which for me means its a waste of money in case they are later reproductions.
I shall just have to keep my eyes open at bootfairs for some.

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