reading for fun

1st December 2016

I often hear people say how some books are ‘important’ and should be read even though they may be harrowing, miserable and depressingly long reads. I say RUBBISH! TOSH! and NONSENSE! For me reading has always been my hobby for as long as i can remember. Its a ‘me’ moment…

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Blue Monday? what a load of old tosh!

18th January 2016

So, someone, somewhere presumably in the murky, tacky world of newspapers has declared that today is Blue Monday have they? Based on the fact that the weather may not be wonderful ie cold, snowy, rainy, windy Well it is January folks so cold, snow and wind are part of this…

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Why book bloggers should NOT get paid

16th January 2016

There has been much talk lately on Twitter and other places about book bloggers getting paid to review books. I totally disagree I’m afraid.   I don’t know much about the publishing industry but I’m fairly sure they don’t have the budget of say, a fashion house or beauty product…

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Social or Un-Social Media?

8th January 2016

Over the years I have embraced the internet. If it had been invented when i was a teenager back in the day I dont think i’d ever have got any school work done. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and I have had a series of blogs,…

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