My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite


WARNING THERE WILL BE SPOILERS WARNING Right thats got the disclaimers out of the way. Now to chat about this amazing bloody book. When i first saw this on someone’s You Tube channel i cringed, both at the striking cover and the title. It’s not for me i thought, oh no! But i was wrong […]

Teensy, tiny book haul


Where has this David Levithan book been all my life?  Its meant for younger readers, doesnt have a lot of writing on some pages, has photographs and looks and sounds wonderful! I am so looking forward to reading it and adding it to my ever growing collection of David Levithan books. I’ve actually been avoiding […]

Books they made me buy


I want to do a kind of books that BookTube made me buy or just books that I had to have because of all the hype around them and I didn’t wanna miss out! Phew, what a mouthful! I’ll split it into several posts as there are loads over the months/years but I’ll stick to […]

Surprise book post


Yes I had a nice surprise when this arrived yesterday. I was sent the first book years back but didn’t get on with it. This may be better, who knows and you can’t fault that cover! Woo it’s beautiful!

Edwardian postcard – The Lovers Seat, Hastings, Sussex


I recently bought this postcard to add to my ever growing Edwardian postcard collection because of the amusing message on the back and the intriguing picture on the front. All those prim and proper ladies! When it arrived I felt drawn to investigate the writer and subject matter further. The writer, Harold describes the ladies […]

Six books by non British authors


This year one of my reading resolutions was to read more books by Japanese authors. I find them to be – the ones I’ve read anyway – gentle, fascinating and beautifully written and I wanted more of the same. In this round up I have included four books by Japanese authors and I’ve also added […]

A Life Discarded – I wish i’d found them


This is my current read Its about 148 diaries found thrown away in a skip back in 2001 i think it was.  How i’d love to have found those!  Its my dream to find old diaries, documents, journals and photos at bootfairs and the like.  I am such a nosy parker into the past and […]

January in pictures (so far)


Its been a month of contrasts in weather has January. It begun mild but then we’ve had a really cold snap resulting in some nice frosty pics but no snow. lovely snowdrops   frost on the Schumach (spelling?)   cobwebs on bird table   chilly strawberry plants   cheeky grape hyacinth poking through Then we […]