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Book Review: The Followers by Rebecca Wait

  I bought this myself cos it sounded rather good and do you know what? it really was too although, I was a little disappointed with the ending but I’ll come to that in a minute. It begins with Stephanie and her daughter Judith. Stephanie is a struggling single mum who meets the charismatic Nathaniel one day in the cafe…

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Cabbage Patch dolls – here we go again

I used to collect cabbage patch dolls about 5 years ago, ones i bought at my local bootfair and sometimes online. I clean them up, do any restoration that i’m able to and then sell them again. I haven’t had any for years now though but a lucky purchase at my local bootfair this morning has set me off again.…

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The Family Project – A creative handbook

I am a HUGE fan of what I call interactive books. Ones you can write in and add to without feeling bad that you are defacing a beautiful thing. So i love journals and workbooks for this reason. Somewhere i can answers questions, follow instructions or just enjoy making the book my own. I am also a very keen amateur…

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The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

  Tom Rob Smith Daniel believed that his parents were enjoying a peaceful retirement on a remote farm in Sweden, the country of his mother’s birth. But with a single phone call, everything changes. Your mother…she’s not well, his father tells him. She’s been imagining things – terrible, terrible things. In fact, she has been committed to a mental hospital.…

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The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin Publisher: Abacus Books Published May 2015 Pages: 306 This was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! I’m sorry to shout but it had to be done. I heard about this from Twitter after someone received a proof copy. I was drawn as…

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