How hard can it be to find a guinea pig?

I’ve not had much luck with finding a mate for Snowpops. I would love to get one from a rescue centre but there aren’t many near to us. I have tried looking in adverts but they are either girls or someone selling two boys who are bonded and cant be split.

I have a few possible options but cant follow up on them until later in the week so, fingers crossed.

Snowpops seems to be enjoying his new housing and play tunnel which makes me feel happier.

The Piggie Files – 1

I’m going to be getting a new little guinea pig to keep my old fella company.

Here is my current piggie, Snowy or Snowpops

He will be four later this month and has sadly been on his own for a while now since his father died. I feel so sorry for him so I’ve decided to get him a mate.

He is a very quiet piggie who hardly ever ‘wheeks’ or squeaks and I’ve never seen him popcorn either so it makes me think he’s not very happy.

I’m hoping to get him a friend very soon either from a rescue centre or maybe a younger one from a breeder.