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Cyclamen are bloomin’ luvverly

All four of them are looking splendid right now, full of buds and nice healthy leaves.

I have to admit that i never expected the two frilly edged ones i bought at a market to survive once the flowers had died but they have and i love them loads.

I still dont have a white one so need to add that to my small collection

baby elephants feet

Full name is Frithia Pulchra but i love the name baby elephants feet and you can see why.

I’ve been growing this from seed planted on 8th May 2020. Its not easy to grow so there is a chance it’ll kick the bucket anytime soon with my non green fingers.

I’ve never grown a succulent from seed before so here’s hoping it makes it.

Summer 2020 flower photos

I am so glad I went back to using an iPhone again, the camera is just great compared to the two years i had to use my Sony which took mediocre at best pics.

I am really pleased with all the flower photos ive taken since late June when i became an iphone owner again (i’m never, ever, ever going back to Android)