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More to smile about – week 40

If you have lots to smile about and want to share them you cant do better than to link them to Annies blog and make them part of her Friday’s Smiles. I promise you’ll come away with an even bigger grin on your face.
This weeks post is about a visit to a local church which we have literally just come back from. St. Peters church, Nevendon is a 13th century building which is hidden away behind a huge Sainsburys supermarket on one side and industrial estate on the other. In fact i didnt even know it was there until a year ago and we have lived here for 22 years!
┬áIts just 5 mins or so by car for us and i’ve been meaning to visit it for ages. Today we finally got round to it.

This is a later window as original was destroyed by a mine in WW2

Its a beautiful place. Sadly we didnt get to go inside as like a lot of churches now they have to lock their doors but i wandered round the churchyard grave spotting. I know it might sound creepy to some but as i love local and family history i can happily spend hours wandering around graves and reading the inscriptions. I feel that it keeps the deceased persons memory alive a little longer, plus i’m just a nosy old woman.
Its such a peaceful place and you completely forget that you are in the middle of a very urbanised town. I feel very uplifted after having been.
I will be blogging about the interesting graves i saw in another post.
Now i’m off to have a smile at others blogs, why don’t you do the same.
Until next week
Gill xx

Can you identify this family? Part two

You may recall a post I did a few months back about a photo album I bought at a boot fair which I am hoping to reunite with its owners or descendants.

see HERE for link to post.

There is a photo of Reg Varney the actor in the album and following a suggestion from someone on Facebook I managed to contact someone in his family tree but they did not know of the people in the album so it looks as though he may not have had any connection with them personally.

So it’s back to the drawing board and i thought I would post a few different photos each week with lots of labels in the hope that someone will see them.

I have also contacted my local paper and asked them if they will run a small article for me and give it a much wider audience. As yet I have had no reply.

So here the first bunch of photos

If you recognise anyone in these photos or have any information please email me using the huge ’email me’ button in the sidebar please.