Book Beginnings on Friday

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Today i’m taking part in Book Beginnings on Friday, which is a bookish meme hosted by Gilion over at Rose City Reader

The idea is that you share the first sentence or thereabouts of the book you’re reading along with any thoughts or first impressions you have on it.  I’ve not taken part in this one yet and as i’ve just begun a new book its worked out just right.

So my book is this

Armada by Ernest Cline, and as you can see i’m reading this on my new Kindle.

So here is the opening sentence

Isnt that just an opener you cant refuse?  Its a Sci Fi/fantasy book and not my usual sort at all but i loved Ready Player One so I thought i’d check out his next book.  So, is he dreaming? having hallucinations? in a computer game? or is it real? Only time and reading the book will tell.



How i keep organised with new books

Watching so many book tubers as i do I get to hear about loads and loads of stupendous new books coming out in a few weeks/months time. Now i dont know about you but i cant keep track of them all and their publishing dates and i’d hate to miss even one of them being available for purchasing, wouldnt you?

So whats the solution?

Spreadsheets!  yes thats right a good old fashioned spreadsheet.

Here’s one i made earlier:

I find it so useful for keeping track of whats coming out.  A lot of the books are most probably already published as i dont really buy hardback books so this is mostly for me to see when the paperback version comes out.  I hate having to wait so long for them when i really want to read the book.

You are welcome to use this information if it helps.

How do you keep track of books youre waiting for to arrive?

A new Stephanie Meyer novel, for adults?

Yes indeedy folks, she has written her first ever novel for us grown ups (did i just admit to being a grown up? not true, not true at all) its called…

The Chemist


and i’m getting sent a copy on its publication date next month – 8th November *all the cheers and clappings*

but in the meantime I was sent this intriguing package the other day from those splendid people at Little Brown





  • A set of postcards – always nice
  • a pen shaped like a syringe and there’s a syringe on the cover – really cool tie in
  • a mini torch called a Jazooli! a god damn real, cool, pocket sized torch – Wah!

I never get to be part of these mega cool marketing techniques that other bloggers get (are you detecting sour grapes and a tantrum in the air too?) so its such a thrill for me to get these and know a book is on its way to me.

Mind you I have a confession to make. I have only ever read about 1/3rd of Twilight. Yes, i know what a bad reader I am but vampires just dont float my boat im afraid, its all that pale complexion and blood dripping everywhere (shudders)

Im ready to give her first adult book a good go though.

What have you been reading? Have you read any of her books? what have i missed by being a wuss?

lets chat


Calling all Genealogists – this book is for you

Marriage Law for Genelogists by Rebecca Probert

Published by Takeaway Publishing

Price £9.99

At first glance this book may not seem to be very interesting, exciting or humorous but to all genealogists and family historians out there its a MUST HAVE book.

I am one of those genealogists, in an amateur way anyway and this book will be very useful for me in my research.

Tracing ancestors marriages is a big part of family history but before registration in 1837 it was hard to find definite proof. There are many laws, rules and regulations surrounding the whole thing but this book is written in plain English and makes the whole thing a pleasure to read and learn.

I use it more as a ‘dip into when needed’ reference book but you can read it from cover to cover as a fascinating historical document.

Whats on your workdesk Wednesday 207

A short post from me this week as there’s lots going on and im off to work very soon (BOO)
Im looking forward to Week 208, i’ve never taken part before.
 What am i on about?
Why the weekly desk nosiness hosted by the kindly Julia at The Stamping Ground of course.
My desk this week contains Happy Mail! *squeals loudly and frightens the animals*
This parcel arrived all the way from Australia no less. It was from my husbands cousin who i am very good friends with
inside it was a lovely wrapped parcel, and its not even my birthday or Christmas, arent i lucky?
Inside that was a copy of her book of family stories and her fascinating life both in the UK and Australia where she emigrated to as a child.
Its a wonderful read for anyone not just family members and is now available on Amazon too.
She has inspired me to write down my life stories and family history to pass onto my son later on.
Have a good week and dont forget to stop by The Stamping Ground and snoop around lots more tidy/untidy/exciting/messy/crafty desks.
Gill x