the magpie in me

Its true I am a magpie. I love small, bright, sniny and especially silver objects. Trouble is i cant afford to collect pure silver but have found items which are just as beautiful but are silver plated pewter instead.
Behold the beauty of these little darlings
Its a pig pin cushion which forms the lid of a very small box which you could keep your pins in. Its approx 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm.
Around the box sides it reads “You can’t make silk out of a sows ear”
I got it from eBay and paid a bit more than i wanted to but had to have it. (promise not to let on to the old man though please)
This is a letter opener which on one side of the handle has acorns and oak leaves and on the other
a piece of prose “Tall old oaks from little acorns grow”
These two items are made by a company called Silver Scenes. It was originally established in 1984.
“All the designs are the unique creations of either Maureen Story Jones, one of the Company’s co-founders, or Caroline Beddoes who joined Silver Scenes in 1997. The range is heavily influenced by the plants and wildlife found in Mid Wales as well as fairies, nymphs and other mystical creatures.”

I first came across them when i bought a small trinket box at a boot fair a few years back, fell in love with it and have searched for more since but without any success.

What do you think? 

Any other collectors out there?
Gill x

Whats on your workdesk? Wednesday 221

As you can see my workdesk is tidy. (Sorry i know how much that might offend you lot)
It is also boring.
This is because…
*dramatic pause*
I am a lapsed crafter!!
*gasps of horror*
Yes i can finally admit that i have not done any crafting for months now. 
Phew, that feels good.
Instead i have been reading, gardening and doing some family history.
I can feel the stirrings of something crafty though so watch this space and have a fab week.
Now go visit more fun and interesting desks by clicking HERE
Gill x

Fridays smiles – the sky and the earth

Hello all you lovely bloggers, its good to be back sharing my Friday Smiles again.
I’ve had a bit of a break to do some heavy duty family history and it has paid dividends. I may share some of my findings soon on my blog, it has blown me away and made me grateful to be living in the 21st century (is that a teaser or what?)
So, as the title suggests my smiles this week have come from above and below.
Okay i expect you are wondering why i have a photo of lots of black with a white dot in the centre, well, the white dot is the International Space Station which i have been watching go over every evening for the last week. It is such a thrill to see it illuminated by the sun which has long since set on us.
Still up there but much closer to home was a fairly dramatic cloud effect with the sun trying to poke through just before the last rain we had. I adore clouds and love taking pictures of the more unusual ones we see.
coming back down to earth now i always have to smile when my Eucomis or Pineapple Lily is in flower each year. I only get the one stalk but its such a fascinating plant the way the flowers seem to open from bottom to top.
and finally my basil seeds which are doing so well now. The funny thing is i dont even like basil as a herb much but I am sure ill try it in a dish just so i can say i grew it.
Thats me for this week now head over to Annie’s blog for more things to make your face split.
Gill x

Herb garden UPDATE

I have a feeling that the garlic chive seeds i bought may have been duff as they still have not shown themselves so i have re-used those pots and thinned out my basil plants.
I am so pleased with how these are doing and now my two pots of seeds have become eight pots of basil
plus a few more i have re-planted in my lavender tubs.
I figure they should go together okay and make very pleasantly smelly pots.
My marjoram is growing well
and the chive cutting has now split into two bulbs so i may give one back to my lovely sister in law as hers got dug up by a mystery animal.

I’m loving this edible plant growing lark
Gill x

Grow your own – on a budget

Last weekend we visited my lovely sister in law who has the most amazing veggie garden which she tends every year. Runner beans, tomatoes, leeks, garlic and now this year potatoes and some ginger too and she has inspired me to make a small veggie garden of my own.

I’m going to begin with grow bags or large containers of compost mainly because our garden is rather neglected and has no large dug beds to speak of and I don’t think I want to be digging hard, compacted, dry soil this time of year.

I’ve identified some veggies that can be sown as late as July or even August. Now I just need to find a way to protect the bags from the hens and garden birds who visit us. i thought i would challenge myself to do this for as cheap as i could thus making the veggies grown a real bargain.

I had thought about some netting draped over the bag resting on tall sticks above the plants so making a tent kind of thing and then bricks around the bottom to hold it down. I wondered if I could scrounge some old net curtains from friends and family. We also have a huge roll of wire mesh bought from a friend after they gave up their chooks last year.

I’ve decided I’m going to grow peas, French beans and spinach as they are all really quick and can be picked in 6 weeks or so which is my kind of gardening. I don’t have the patience to wait months for a carrot to grow only to find its no bigger than my thumb when I finally dig it up.

I’ve been reading up online about plants and tidying the patio to make way my purchases.

Let the growing begin.

New goodies, new projects, new skills

I’ve been shopping, at Hobbycraft

I had so much fun with my treasure chest that I just had have another go, so,

I bought this

Yes I know it looks creepy. My son saw it and said why have you got a severed hand on your desk?

I am actually planning to use it to hold my necklaces to stop them from getting twisted up.

I also bought these

The only problem is – I can’t crochet!

So, I’m hoping some of you wonderful people who visit me will give me oodles of advice and encouragement to make this

There is an interactive video that goes with it and I can look at various You Tube vids but if I get stuck I hope some one knows what. Ch9, dc9 in front loops means???

Do be honest and let me know if this is an advanced pattern or else my lack of patience will cause it to be hurled out the window.

Well that’s me, I’m off to glue, crochet and scream a lot.


I have tried, honest i have to learn to crochet but its defeated me so i am knitting it instead. Just 2 plain pieces of knitting and maybe using a button for closure. I expect it will either be way too small for my ipad to fit or way too large, but we’ll see.


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