the tidal zone by sarah moss

the tidal zone by sarah moss

i’m not sure why but i often find that books which have had rave reviews can leave me quite cold, it happened recently with this First let me say a huge thanks to Granta for sending me a copy of this I blooming love this cover, love the synopsis and the whole quality of publication. Its the first book from Granta i’ve read and the first Sarah Moss too.  Given all that i thought i would adore this but, NO!

BOOK REVIEW – Bodies of Water by V.H. Leslie

BOOK REVIEW – Bodies of Water by V.H. Leslie

This was kindly sent to me by a lovely publishing house called Salt Publishing after I requested a copy to review. From the back of the book: After ministering to fallen women in Victorian London, Evelyn has suffered a nervous breakdown and finds herself treated by the Water Doctors in the imposing Wakewater House, a hydropathy sanatorium. Years later, Wakewater House is renovated into modern apartments and Kirsten moves in, fresh from a break up and eager for the restorative

3 Books that have let me down

3 Books that have let me down

Now I don’t expect to like every book i buy or receive for review, its a rare person that does in my opinion but there have been 3 books recently which I felt certain I would love, not like, love. Sadly that didnt happen. What books were they? After buying and adoring her first book, In a dark dark wood last year I was so excited to hear she had a second book coming out soon. I was even more

Book Blog Tour – The Museum of Heartbreak

Today on Book Magpie I am lucky enough to be the second stop on Meg Leder’s ‘The Museum of Heartbreak’ tour. and I have not one but two exciting things for you in this post! Yes! am i spoiling you or what? “the Museum of Heartbreak explores the giddy confusion, inevitable sadness and sheer joy of growing up and falling in love” First up is an exclusive article written by Meg where she shares her memories of being young and

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

I did not know of Kent Haruf until I read about his passing recently. This made me check out some of his books and i ended up buying this, partly on so many recommendations and partly on it sounding such a lovely story. What an incredibly moving story, and i’m sure a fitting tribute to Kent Haruf as this was his final novel written during his last months of life. “This is a love story. About growing old with grace”

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Thank go to Becky at Penguin Random House for this early copy, and as you can see from the top photo it came wrapped up in a sort of spoof newspaper featuring parts of the novel. Such a clever idea!  I tell you those publicity folk know their onions. They make getting a proof such an exciting thing for us. You never know what’s happening on the other side of the wall This is the kind of book that i

Book Review: The Book Collector by Alice Thompson

This was purchased on the recommendation of Jen Campbell, who has impeccable taste in books, although i dont always like everything she recommends, this one was a winner. Its published by Salt Publishing and is quite a short read of just 159 pages but each one of them is packed with beautiful, lyrical writing. I think its deserving of an acrostic review The Book Collector is simply brilliant Hard to tell fact from fiction, truth from reality, skillfully plotted Exciting

When i was young

I have had a poem and a book review published! Don’t panic though, they were published in my schools form magazine and I was 12! Yes it was all a long time ago. The magazine, if you can call it that was a very rough and ready affair that was compiled and created using some kind of copy machine I imagine. Out of all my old school books I had in storage this is the only thing that has survived

BOOK REVIEW: Grief is the thing with feathers by Max Porter

I have wanted to read this for ages, since last year in fact. Everywhere i turned on Twitter people were recommending it and saying great things so it was inevitable that I would get a copy. This is written in a free form prose fashion ( i hope you understand what i mean, im not good at explaining myself sometimes) and I’ve been trying to get back into poetry for a while now having read loads many years ago. It