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I wish I were a mudlark

This just arrived right after I published the previous post.


I would love to search around on the foreshore of the Thames or any other river and see if I could find the amazing things Lara discovers.

The paperback version which just came out Thursday has photos in too which the hardback didnt. The publishers there missed a trick as i saw so many comments from people who’d bought the book that they were disappointed not to see pics of all the finds.

Looking forward to diving in right away

I’d love to find one of the old clay pipes with a sculptered bowl, what would you like to find?

small book haul

I wanted to share with you five books i’ve bought fairly recently. Of course buying books is easy peasy its the reading of them thats become hard.

I am in a mahoosive reading slump and have been for months now. I can begin a book, I can quite enjoy a book, i can even annotate and quote from it but I get bored of it really quickly and never finish it.

Yes, you’re quite right its totally shameful and I would love any tips you have on increasing my book reading staying power please.

Anyhoo back to the books

Quite a varied selection. I’ve begun Bunny, Miss Pettigrew and Happiness for humans. Out of the three Miss Pettigrew is a favourite so far.

Have you ready any of these?

What books have you bought recently, let me know in the comments

Books acquired

Bought these at my local supermarket. I do love having a browse every time i’m in there and they are so competitively priced too its like going back in time.

Tidelands: You can’t go wrong with a Philippa Gregory book they are always so well written and full of historical facts.

The Five: This is making many waves at the moment and i’m intrigued to see what the author has to make of the facts we all know.

Elevator Pitch: Linwood Barclay is another author you can trust. I have read many books by him and they always keep me gripped.

Markus Zusak is a good egg

I bought The Book Thief fairly recently after hearing so many people rave about it. I get the feeling though that its a ‘marmite’ book. You either love it or you hate it. I hope I am one of the former.

I adore this cover version of The Book Thief with the plain black background, cream lettering and the gorgeous gold stars dotted here and there. Im guessing they must have changed it to match his latest novel Bridge of Clay.

I was very lucky to be sent a copy of The Bridge of Clay from the publishers Penguin Random House earlier in the year in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll be very honest and admit that I havent actually read it yet though! Disgraceful I hear you cry and youre right. This will be remedied very soon.

I was watching Markus Zusak on You Tube last night being interviewed about both books and doing a TED talk about failure. It was so entertaining, he is a great raconteur.

I’ll be updating my reading of these over on Goodreads. If you fancy following me there I am: Gill Edwards

Have you read either of these?

August Book haul

Yes its that time again when i share the books ive recently bought or been sent by publishers.

All Dem books!

As I sadly dont get sent much by publishers anymore (sobs all the tears) I’ll begin with that.

A novel in verse!

Redwood & Ponytail is a novel in verse form which is becoming a ‘thing’ right now and if written well can be a nice refreshing change from the same old prose format. This sounds wonderful and i cant wait to get round to it.

Its published on 1st October by Chronicle Books, so a HUGE thanks to them for sending me a link to their catalogue and asking me to choose a book.

gotta love a supermarket impulse buy!

These two were on sale in Sainsburys which was a lovely surprise as they never have any YA books normally (all the smiles and cheers) Both have such gorgeous covers and will be great reads too.

a nice mix of genres with some scrummy cover work

YA rom com, YA mystery, Thriller, Dystopian thriller and Japanese translated thriller make for a nice mix dont you think?

Classics rock (sometimes)

I’m not the biggest fan of Classic works but the premise of this, the gorgeous painting on the cover and Jennifer Helinek aka @Insertliterarypunhere enthusiastic review of all things Trollope convinced me to pick it up.

Ooh so good!

And last but never least, Peter May is a new author to me and was one of those recommended for fans of Jane Harper (which I am) so i gave him a go and so far (im halfway through) its damn brilliant. So readable, twisty, misleading and told with such beautiful prose and description of the Outer Hebrides I swear I could look out my window and see the characters.

Have you read any of these? What did you think of them? Lets chat.

Spring by Ali Smith

This is my best proof EVER!

a goddamn spiral bound proof copy!

I only requested a copy because i received an email with a link to Penguin’s Spring catalogue and i saw this inside. I didn’t think for a second i’d get one so i’m thrilled!

I’m hoping it lives up to Winter which had some very amusing moments in it but is heaps better than Autumn which i didn’t enjoy as much.

MG and YA haul

A bit of a different book haul for me. I have read a lot of YA over the years but very little middle grade. I just couldn’t resist these ones though and here’s why…

Just look at those covers!

Isn’t this just the most beautiful cover? It also sounds like a lovely story too and as it’s a companion novel to Furthermore I thought I’d best get that too in case it needs reading first.

The colours on this design are simply divine.

Now this has been out for ages but its never interested me until now. Even though I hate anything to do with fairy tales for some reason I felt drawn to it and if course that cover is a massive draw.

I hear nothing but splendid things about Christina Lauren’s books. I do have another one of hers, Autoboyography, which I still haven’t read but I’m just in the mood for a YA romance and the colours again on this cover are very striking.

Currently reading :ROOMIES and it’s rather good so far. 👍

New Year book haul

Happy New Year! and may 2019 be the best reading year you’ve ever had.

This is all over YouTube and Twitter. It sounds amazing and just look at that cover, striking or what?

I’ve never read any of these books before so now seems like as good a time as any.  I really like mixing up my genres and I’m fascinated by the way of life of those early settlers.

I bought this as a Christmas pressie for my nephew who really liked it and having had a peek inside I really fancied it myself.

Not my usual read but its good for me to read something outside my comfort zone for a change, I may even find a new genre I can get on board with.

From the few pages I’ve read of this it strikes me as the book baby of Robin Hobb and Terry Pratchett.  Sound good?

It’s a Shepherd’s Life

Doing some nature reading for Non fiction November and I had a brain wave to read these two gorgeous books

Sheep galore!

James Rebanks’ farms in the Lake District whilst W. H. Hudson lived in Wiltshire.  I think these will be fascinating to read simultaneously and compare their experiences. So i’m going to use my blog as a kind of Goodreads update as I go along.


Hmmm, I’m feeling a bit of a dunce for not knowing that A Shepherd’s Life by W H Hudson is actually a novel and not non fiction!  I guess i didnt read the blurb very well and just assumed it was a biographical account of farming in 1909.  It does say its about a character called Caleb Bawcombe too.

Oh well, you live and learn eh?  So it cant really count for non fiction November but then as my favourite BookTuber Jen at @InsertLiteraryPunHere says My channel, my rules!  Or in my case, my blog, my rules!