August Book haul

19th August 2019

Yes its that time again when i share the books ive recently bought or been sent by publishers. As I sadly dont get sent much by publishers anymore (sobs all the tears) I’ll begin with that. Redwood & Ponytail is a novel in verse form which is becoming a ‘thing’…

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Spring by Ali Smith

27th March 2019

This is my best proof EVER! I only requested a copy because i received an email with a link to Penguin’s Spring catalogue and i saw this inside. I didn’t think for a second i’d get one so i’m thrilled! I’m hoping it lives up to Winter which had some…

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MG and YA haul

21st March 2019

A bit of a different book haul for me. I have read a lot of YA over the years but very little middle grade. I just couldn’t resist these ones though and here’s why… Just look at those covers! Isn’t this just the most beautiful cover? It also sounds like…

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New Year book haul

5th January 2019

Happy New Year! and may 2019 be the best reading year you’ve ever had. This is all over YouTube and Twitter. It sounds amazing and just look at that cover, striking or what? I’ve never read any of these books before so now seems like as good a time as…

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It’s a Shepherd’s Life

2nd November 2018

Doing some nature reading for Non fiction November and I had a brain wave to read these two gorgeous books James Rebanks’ farms in the Lake District whilst W. H. Hudson lived in Wiltshire.  I think these will be fascinating to read simultaneously and compare their experiences. So i’m going…

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October book haul – part 2

10th October 2018

Yep, it happened. More books!!!!! Another fairly mixed selection and I seem to be drawn to books with Winter in the title lately too. Have you read any of these?

Bookpost 1 – October

8th October 2018

I’ve called this bookpost 1 because I am certain I have a few more books on their way to me but just not sure when. This was sent by Pan Macmillan. Its a fantasy book which is not my usual genre but I’m looking forward to giving this a go.…

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October mini book haul

5th October 2018

I only meant to order one book but then that naughty book devil that sits on my shoulder talked me into buying a few more (damn my weakness) still I don’t care really, I mean how can i regret these? Looking at them its a pretty mixed bag.  I could…

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Learning to read Manga

15th August 2018

Hey guys, two posts in one day, i’m spoiling you! Just had to share my books which just arrived. Yes, I’m getting into Manga. This could be very bad as apparently most of these books come in series of as many as 50 books! and they don’t come cheap so…

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currently reading

15th August 2018

Right now i’m moving between 3 books 3 books whose genre I don’t normally read much. I do love to mix it up a bit don’t I? I bought both Poet X and Sick but was kindly sent The Friendship Cure from Duckworth Books after I requested a copy for…

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