Are you taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch?

One of my favourite things to do when im not reading or researching is just watching the birds that come and go in the garden.  Im convinced its very theraputic and good for the soul.

I spend far too much money on feeders and  food for them to help them through the winter until they can find food themselves again.

So, this year i’m taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch which is happening right now 28th, 29th and 30th January 2017. Im doing my hour tomorrow, 30th January. The weather looks to be drier then and i should see more birds hopefully.

So in honour of this I’ve expanded the menu at my bird cafe (a selection of feeders i hang in the bushes outside the front window and on the bird table in the garden)

Depending on their size and breed they can choose from mixed seed, fat balls, plain suet blocks, bugs and berry suet blocks, sunflower seed hearts, peanuts and dried mealworms in the front cafe and in the back they have almost the same plus some cheese crumbs and an old apple.

Should be enough to satisfy any birds fancy.

I’ll report back my one hour’s findings tomorrow.


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