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playing with filters

it was a great sky tonight so i couldnt resist snapping it and trying out some filters on my phone. this blue one is my favourite, its gorgeous dont you agree?

it was getting quite dark but that doesnt come out in the images and i did use a flash at times too

i love experimenting with what an iphone can do photographically, they never disappoint me

2 new cacti babies

Just come back from our local and very small bootfair with two new cacti/succulent plants. I cant identify them yet but I am in love with them for sure.

I love the one on the left best, succulants come in all shapes and sizes whereas the other is a typical cactus shape and VERY prickly – OUCHY!

Its like a sprouting cucumber!

I wish i’d bought more now and made a small succulent garden with them – hey ho!

The Luminaries

I’ve watched 3 episodes of this and i’m thoroughly confused. Its written using a ‘non linear format’ which basically means the story goes back and forth in time without any warning to the viewer. So i’ve bought the book in an attempt to understand the story better.

Not sure this will help as the book won a prestigious book prize so makes it way out of my league normally but… we will give it a try

Updates to come

Update 1 – The book is hard going although there are many bits that are quite readable. The TV series opens so differently to the book though and i keep watching the opening again to see if i can follow from the book but its not possible! I guess its different when you adapt it for TV so ill stick with it for now.

Gertie the greenhouse

Well okay its not strictly a greenhouse you would recognise, it has no glass panels or doors as such but its still a greenhouse to me.

I can start plants and seedlings early next year, hopefully protect some delicate ones over winter and ripen tomatoes off thus extending the growing season.

Its currently helping a tomato plant, sweet peppers, radish and spring onions plus I plan to add my cosmos and hollyhocks seedlings later on when they start coming through.

Its a strange and magical thing how so many people have discovered gardening to be such a great healer in these times of stress.

Gardening is saving my sanity

It seems the whole country has taken to their gardens as a way of passing the time during this lockdown and to get back to nature which has such healing properties.

We’ve been enjoying the hard work to turn our space into a real garden for the first time.

Im loving the tulips even though only 1/3rd of all planted bulbs actually grew! massive disappointment!

We’ve got veggies in the ground along with tomato plants. Ive got sweet pepper seeds slowly germinating which i hope to grow on in my mini greenhouse whenever it arrives (many weeks ahead sadly)

I’ve ordered some Primula and Hollyhock seeds too although everything right now is so slow to arrive because of the incredible demand on everything online with shops closed.

So happy with the tulips that did emerge though, will be ordering loads more in July from good reputable growers and using the best compost in pots to ensure success.

Madge and the mysterious message

magic colour changing postcard image

I bought this postcard from my reliable seller and friend over at OldPostcards4sale Do check them out, they have a wonderful variety of cards and a service thats second to none.

I bought it mainly because it was advertised as a card that changed colour when you held it up to the light! It really works too. Its very faint but you can see the blue of the water and the red roof top.

My clever hubby has scanned it for me on the negative setting of our scanner so you can see what it looks like. Isnt it clever stuff?

The card is posted to a

Sister M. Regis, 22 Montgomerie Crescent, Saltcoats, Ayrshire

Its sent by Madge who has written this very mysterious message.

Hoping you are enjoying yourself. Delia never told I was not in Rothesay. My scheme worked wonderfully well. Nobody knows.

Don’t allow “somebody” to appear too important in her new sphere.

Love & best wishes


Now what does that all mean? Is it just a joke do you think or is it a real message and what were they planning?

In the 1901 Scotland census, 22 Montgomerie Crescent seems to have been a normal home with a regular family. This was posted on November 13th 1905. I have read that the Franciscan sisters used this house as their Summer home because it was warmer than the building they used the rest of the year but, I have no idea when they first began using it. Articles only seem to mention the building from the Second World War onwards.

If anybody lives near there or knows anything about it please leave me a comment or email me (link in sidebar)

Tulips are my new passion

With the world as it is right now I’ve been finding peace, tranquility and a cure for boredom in gardening.

Our garden has never been up to much. Neither of us had the interest to make anything of it before now apart from our wonderful wildlife pond and some spring bulbs I planted last September, also due to a need to help me through a medical crisis of sorts at the time.

Clearly in times of stress, worry and uncertainty I go out the garden and tackle something.

I planted over 30 tulip bulbs but sadly i’ve had less than half come up. The ground is not brilliant, we have a very heavy clay soil with so many stones. It most probably needed a bit more tlc than we gave it before planting them but Hey Ho at least we got some and look how gorgeous they are too

This began as a pale lemon colour
Then it went to a light apricot
and now its a warm orange

Colour changing tulips are proof there is real magic in the world, how clever was someone to breed a flower that changes colour?

Gorgeous scarlet with black centre
Plum/mulberry with white tips

I think the one above is my favourite so far.

How have I lived all this time without these gorgeous flowers in my life. I cant stop photographing them so I can have the pleasure of looking at them long after they have died off for this year. I now want to learn all I can about tulips and the multitude of different breeds, colours and designs.

I am in danger of becoming a tulip bore!

We’ve uncovered a border which was languishing beneath a plastic sheet for years. It was where we had our vegetable cage. We’ve spent days digging it over (oh my aching back and my aching knees come to that)

Can someone please tell me how one small plot of land can have so many stones in it! What even are stones? where do they come from? I dont like them, we are not friends. Stones be gone!

I’ve managed to order some plants from my local Garden Centre to go in there. A mix of shrubs and perennials which im hoping will compliment each other and give us a proper looking garden again. They are due to arrive Monday and i cant wait!

Woolwich Garrison church

Welcome if you’ve come to this page from my Twitter link. I share one of my vintage postcards everyday there.

I’ve decided to blog about this though as I have more to say than a Twitter post can handle.

This is one of my special postcards in my collection as my Grandad Harry left home in 1901, walked to Woolwich and joined the army. He was unhappy at home as his mother had died in 1899 and his father remarried. His stepmum doesnt seem to have been liked by many of his siblings sadly.

This postcard showing the Garrison church and parade ground was posted in 1903 and is an early card with undivided back dating before 1902. I love the idea that this is what Harry would have seen when he arrived there. I like to think that he would have paraded around the grounds here and maybe attended church services, who knows.

He was stationed there before being posted to Kempston Barracks in Bedfordshire where he appeared on the 1901 census. He fortunately survived WW1 and lived to the age of 74.

The message is short and sweet, saying just ‘Thanks for the letter, All well at home.

No idea of sender but recipient was a Mrs Roberts of 65 Burton Road, Brigton. I think this is a mis spelling and could be Brighton as neither Google nor Ancestry recognise Brigton.

Can anyone help though with some letters on the front beneath the date on the left.

They look to me like C.O.Y.M

I know COY means Company normally but not sure of the M?

Any ideas welcomed, thanks