It begins for me but It Ends With Us

I have a new favourite author and her name is Colleen Hoover

I have just finished It ends with us and I absolutely loved it. I dont do book reviews anymore so this sint going to be one but isntead I just wanted to sing her praises and let you all know what a great author I think she is.

I bought this on 29th November and finally finished it today. I wasnt reading it all the time i kind of dipped in and out but it always kept calling me back.

Imagine my thrill when in my local supermarket yesterday I came across these two beauties

I literally spoke out loud and said ‘Oh Colleen Hoover’ as i grabbed a copy of both books. I do hope no-one heard me!

Do you have a new favourite author?

Are you trying a new author/genre for 2022?

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