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Now, i’ve always had a passion for cameras for the last 50 years (yes i am that old) but all the cameras i’ve had have been contemporary for the time.

Now though due to a family member who has got himself involved in vintage photography having never owned a camera before (apart from his phone of course) I have become interested in vintage cameras myself.

We ventured to a local bootsale for the first time in months and found a stall which had trays of old vintage cameras! We searched through them for ages but the first camera i came across was this

A Kodak Retinette IIB made between 1958-1959. I just fell in love with it. It has a built in light and exposure meter and was top of this particular range for its time.

I next found a Kodak Retinette 1A which was actually made later (confusing numbering people?)

They each cost £5 which is a brilliant bargain as they can go for over £20 each on ebay and the like!

I’m hoping to get film for them and have a go at old fashioned photography soon.

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