More postcards

First postcards i’ve bought for ages now. I’ve decided to collect ones of Herne Bay in Kent. We have friends who live there and I’ve only visited for the first time recently and fallen in love with the town.

Its full of original old Georgian terraces anong other great architecture and has the best seafront too with the huge (77ft) clock tower, beach and Neptunes Arm. A breakwater built in the 1990’s to help prevent flooding which is great to walk along, you get a fab breeze and great views out to sea too.

I’ve bought 5 in total but only 3 have arrived so far

I love the rough sea images, must have been scary but very invigorating to watch (from a safe distance of course)

I’ve had a look at the messages on the back of course but havent been able to find them on census returns sadly.

One is dated 1906 which is right in the middle of the censuses so they could have moved by the 1911 and another is dated 1927 which is 12 years before 1939 Register where i may have found them. When you think about it, unless the person has lived in the same house for decades it is hard to trace them between censuses.

Messages are nothing special just holiday talk as I imagine most of them were.

They make a great start to my collection though

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