searching for treasure

We’ve been doing some metal detecting the last couple of days and its great fun. Just in our own backyard of course, its incredibly hard to get a permission to detect on other people land even before lockdown began sadly.

We found a mixed selection of junk but with some interesting bits.

A lid from a yoghurt pot with a best before date of 1990!

A 30 year old yoghurt pot lid, in the front garden – amazing!

A piece of tile with a design on it. | still maintain it looks like a small dog or elephant but i expect its just a blue squiggle of pattern instead (not so much fun)

This blew me away – a lipstick still in its holder and still with lipstick in!

Now how the hell did that get under out front garden hedge?

But the best thing found was this

A ring that at one time had some kind of stones in it! Isnt that amazing?

Its been cleaned and polished and we dont think its made of anything special but its the best thing we’ve found to date so it means a lot to us.

If anyone reads this and has some land we could detect on i’d be so thrilled to hear from you. Click the email link in the sidebar please.

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