Madge and the mysterious message

magic colour changing postcard image

I bought this postcard from my reliable seller and friend over at OldPostcards4sale Do check them out, they have a wonderful variety of cards and a service thats second to none.

I bought it mainly because it was advertised as a card that changed colour when you held it up to the light! It really works too. Its very faint but you can see the blue of the water and the red roof top.

My clever hubby has scanned it for me on the negative setting of our scanner so you can see what it looks like. Isnt it clever stuff?

The card is posted to a

Sister M. Regis, 22 Montgomerie Crescent, Saltcoats, Ayrshire

Its sent by Madge who has written this very mysterious message.

Hoping you are enjoying yourself. Delia never told I was not in Rothesay. My scheme worked wonderfully well. Nobody knows.

Don’t allow “somebody” to appear too important in her new sphere.

Love & best wishes


Now what does that all mean? Is it just a joke do you think or is it a real message and what were they planning?

In the 1901 Scotland census, 22 Montgomerie Crescent seems to have been a normal home with a regular family. This was posted on November 13th 1905. I have read that the Franciscan sisters used this house as their Summer home because it was warmer than the building they used the rest of the year but, I have no idea when they first began using it. Articles only seem to mention the building from the Second World War onwards.

If anybody lives near there or knows anything about it please leave me a comment or email me (link in sidebar)

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