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Welcome if you’ve come to this page from my Twitter link. I share one of my vintage postcards everyday there.

I’ve decided to blog about this though as I have more to say than a Twitter post can handle.

This is one of my special postcards in my collection as my Grandad Harry left home in 1901, walked to Woolwich and joined the army. He was unhappy at home as his mother had died in 1899 and his father remarried. His stepmum doesnt seem to have been liked by many of his siblings sadly.

This postcard showing the Garrison church and parade ground was posted in 1903 and is an early card with undivided back dating before 1902. I love the idea that this is what Harry would have seen when he arrived there. I like to think that he would have paraded around the grounds here and maybe attended church services, who knows.

He was stationed there before being posted to Kempston Barracks in Bedfordshire where he appeared on the 1901 census. He fortunately survived WW1 and lived to the age of 74.

The message is short and sweet, saying just ‘Thanks for the letter, All well at home.

No idea of sender but recipient was a Mrs Roberts of 65 Burton Road, Brigton. I think this is a mis spelling and could be Brighton as neither Google nor Ancestry recognise Brigton.

Can anyone help though with some letters on the front beneath the date on the left.

They look to me like C.O.Y.M

I know COY means Company normally but not sure of the M?

Any ideas welcomed, thanks

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