Salisbury Postcard Research

Minster Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire Posted 1915
Sent to Mrs Hodgson

This is one of three postcards i bought the other day from a dear friend of mine who runs OldPostcards4Sale online.

It depicts Minster Street, Salisbury and is sent to a Mrs Hodgson of 49 Sunny Bank, Lancaster, Lancashire

She was Ellen Hodgson married to James Hodgson though I cant find a marriage record for them despite having an approx date of 1873 based on the 1911 census where its recorded that they have been married for 38 years.

They had 6 children; Rose, Margaret, John, James, Alice and Thomas

The postcard was sent by someone who signs themselves BH? Its not terribly clear. Its not addressed to anyone though so im guessing they knew them well. However i dont thinks its one of their children unless the B is a nickname?

Message reads:

Had our tea at the Haunch of Venison shown on the other side. The erection on the right hand corner is very ancient its something like that on Kirkby Lonsdale Square. I see that the 1/2 d postage is not to be cancelled. The Cookhouse cat has just paid us a visit. It is like our big one only brown in colour, its a great favourite – follows fellows like a dog. The washing came back this afternoon after being away nearly 3 weeks. We all got our own, which was more than i expected. Will send some home this weekend to stay. See Horace is in the prize list + that Sam Carey (?) has been hit together with Middleton and others. Will be writing this weekend BH (?)

A really lovely chatty card to someone they clearly feel comfortable with.

I love that the card features the Haunch of Venison where they had tea too, it justs adds a lovely personal touch

I’d love to be able to attribute it to one of their sons but I’ve drawn a blank. A great card to add to my collection though

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