Today I took the bull by the horns and decided to make friends with pastry making.

I last attempted to make shortcrust pastry about 30 years ago, the attempt went badly and it ended up in the bin! I just dont have much patience when it comes to something like that. If it goes wrong I get frustrated and ditch it.

I followed a recipe that said to chill the pastry once made for 30 minutes. Things happened and it ended up being 3 hours. When i tried to roll it out it cracked into many pieces!

I persevered and made a patchwork jam pasty

It looks more like a rock cake dont you reckon?

Have to say though that it did taste rather nice which is a sort of win.

I wasnt gonna be beat though so made a second batch and only chilled that for 10 minutes. This was much easier to roll and didnt crack! Hooray!

Made another jam pasty for me and a cheese pasty for hubby

I’m trying not to be cocky but I reckon pastry and me could be mates (nice)

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