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Books I really want to read this Christmas

I love books

I love Christmas

I love Christmas books!

I bet you never saw that coming eh?

I have a few that i do a sort of re-read of each year. Books like; A Christmas Carol which is my favourite book of ALL TIME and The Dark is Rising. Both very evocative and brilliant reads.

But, each year I like to discover new books or at least new ‘to me’ anyway.

This year I really want to read this four.

This is a mix of stories and recipes and I did have the hardback copy but it got lost sadly. Now its out in paperback with this gorgeous cover and well, who could resist it?

The Miss Read books were a staple diet of mine back in the 80’s, her Christmas books especially. But this is a new book written in 2009 a few years before she sadly passed on. Her stories are so full of warmth and joy and have that instant feelgood factor that we could all do with right now.

I’m not a massive fan of Laurie Lee, i’ve tried to read his books many times without success but this is a very slim volume and covers all seasons not just Christmas by the look of it plus, Its calling to me so I haz to answer.

And last but not least this, which follows on I presume from the original book. I have a copy of Cold Comfort Farm and have read a bit of it but I do struggle with some classics. It is a very funny book so I’m hoping this will follow in its footsteps and give me a good festive chuckle.

Well, thems my choices, what books do you want to read this coming festive season?

Are there any special books you like to re visit each year?

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