A sort of spooky, sort of TBR

Now you know me, i dont ‘do’ TBR’s coz i’m a mood reader and my mood changes 10 times a day!

But right now that fluid mood is wanting me to read a mix of these books

Three graphic novels;

Bloodlust & Bonnets which is so funny. Its one of those sparsely drawn graphic novels with few words but you get the meaning well enough

Harley Quinn is beautifully drawn and full of action

Giant Days I havent read much of yet, i got this on my iPad with a free trial of Kindle Unlimited.

Annihilation is so good so far, really tense and creepy

The future of another timeline is such an original concept which im enjoying even though its a little heavy going in parts

The Many is a small novella but with a menacing, creepy vibe too which i got from Amazon for just £1.99! Amazing value!

Most of these are so perfect for Halloween too on Thursday!

Let me know if you’ve read any of these

Happy Halloween and Happy All Hallows day too

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