Bridges and bunkers

I’ve begun a new level now, the other one was too crowded. This one is a nice mix of all the biomes and im having fun building bridges across the expanses of water.

This is my litle shelter, made with bricks and glass so i have plenty of light

I love the blocky clouds

I have an underground bunker with many rooms which im still working on

This is the first room which will be decorated soon and has a lovely cyan carpet.

Room two just off of room one has purple carpet and an enchantment table. I dont know what to do with the table yet but im sure it’ll be fun.

and Room 3 has yellow carpet and its where i sleep the night away. Im also working on a room above as you can see by the ladder on the wall.

The view back up the stairs from Room 1. I dont know what it is about Minecraft but I am always drawn to digging below ground more then building above.

Sorry the screenshots are rather dark but hopefully you get the idea.

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