Best Books of 2019 – So Far

Its been a good reading year so far, I’ve managed 11 books.

3 Manga

1 novella

7 novels

Worst Book

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. I just dont understand the hype for Becky Chambers books and writing. They are slow, dull, lacking in plot or excitement with characters ive forgotten by the time i next pick the book up.

Book that most surprised me

The Dry by Jane Harper. I had seen it around for a few months but thought its not for me. Then something made me try a chapter online and wow! I was blown away by how gripping it was.

Biggest disappointment

My Brothers husband, a manga/graphic novel. It was okay but the artwork was not a patch on others ive read, one character in the book was so annoying I could barely read to the end and the plot was bitty and unconclusive.

Favourite new author to me

This has to be Jane Harper. I’ve read two of her three books this year and her writing has been a revelation to me. I have her third novel but have yet to read it.

UPDATE: I’ve now read all of Jane Harpers books and im itching for her to get writing her fourth.

Favourite character

Oh definitely Morgan from Birthday by Meredith Russo. I felt for him/her all throughout the book and just wanted to give them a big motherly hug. The character was well written and so interesting.

Favourite book of 2019 so far is…

Birthday by Meredith Russo. So moving and thought provoking. I admit it opened my eyes. Eric & Morgan were such well written and rounded out characters I couldnt help but love them and enjoyed every minute of their story.

Books i’m anticipating in the second half of 2019

  • David Mogo Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa (i’m kindly being sent a review copy of this)
  • This is how you lose the time war by Amal-el-Mohtar
  • The Last Astronaut by David Wellington
  • The Wanderers by Chuck Wendig
  • An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

I think 2019 is going to be an epic year for books

Whats your favourite of 2019 so far?

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