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This is normally a You Tube thing but no reason it cant be a blogger thing too eh?

Ive just randomly and speedily picked three books from my shelf

A wood of ones own
A house at the bottom of a lake
The starlight watchmaker

1 non fiction/nature book

1 mild horror short novella

1 ARC of a Middle Grade

Okay now to begin with book 1 – A Wood of Ones Own by Ruth Pavey

Synopsis from Amazon

After years spent living amid the thrum of London, Ruth Pavey yearned to reconnect with the British countryside and she endeavoured to realise her long-held dream of planting a wood.

Touring to the West Country in the late 1990s, Pavey found herself in the Somerset Levels. On seeing this expanse of reclaimed land under its wide, soft skies she was struck by its beauty and set-out to plant a wood, tree by tree. She bought four acres, and over the years transformed them into a haven where woodland plants and creatures could flourish an emblem of enduring life in a changeable world.

A Wood of One’s Own is the story of how she grew to understand and then shape this derelict land into an enduring legacy a verdant landscape rich with wildlife. Interwoven with Pavey’s candid descriptions of the practical challenges she faced are forays into the Levels’ local history, as well as thoughtful portraits of its inhabitants both past and present.

Accompanied throughout by the author’s evocative hand-drawn illustrations, A Wood of One’s Own is a lyrical, beguiling and inspiring story; a potent reminder of nature’s delicate balance, and its comforting and abiding presence.

update coming soon!

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