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Friday Smiles – Week 315

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well? its good to be taking part in Friday Smiles again hosted by the wonderful Annie over at A Stitch in Time

Now what has made me smile this week?

Well in the UK it was Mothers Day last Sunday and I was kindly taken out to lunch by my son. We had a lovely roast dinner at a pub near to where I used to live before he was born so after we had eaten we went for a walk around. Saw my old house and how it had changed then went on to visit the church where i was married 28 years ago.

All Saints Church

I know some might find it creepy but i love wandering around a churchyard and reading the gravestones. I like to think i’m keeping their memory alive.

Talking of creepy though the stairs down to what i assume is the crypt are enough to give me nightmares!

scary steps!

We then went on to have a wander around my hubbys old stamping ground and ended up trekking for miles uphill to the church where our son was christened.

St. Nicholas Church

By the time we got home we had well and truly walked off our 3 course lunch and were shattered. But we had such a good time it was well worth it.

I’ll be round to see what your weeks been like a bit later. Meanwhile have a good one.


4 thoughts on “Friday Smiles – Week 315

  1. I love a good churchyard. We visit the one at Witherslack, Cumbria every year when the art week is on in the village hall next door.
    The churchyard is peaceful as is the church and overlooks the Cumbrian hills. The cakes the church ladies make are also very nice haha
    Lynn xx

  2. What a lovely Mothering Sunday. The All Saints church is a beautiful old building. I understand enjoying reading the headstones but those steps to the crypt are rather daunting. Well done for walking off your dinner. That’s more than I did. you had a nicer day than me too. Lucky you. Kate x

  3. I love old churches they are so interesting. No matter which country you’re in there is always something to see. Pleased you enjoyed your Mother’s Day too. Hope your weekend is a happy one, Angela xXx

  4. Oh how lovely to spend Mother’s Day with your son. My son cooked a three course Sunday dinner for 6 of us then we had youngest daughter visit us at teatime with her three. I love family times.
    Annie x

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