MG and YA haul

A bit of a different book haul for me. I have read a lot of YA over the years but very little middle grade. I just couldn’t resist these ones though and here’s why…

Just look at those covers!

Isn’t this just the most beautiful cover? It also sounds like a lovely story too and as it’s a companion novel to Furthermore I thought I’d best get that too in case it needs reading first.

The colours on this design are simply divine.

Now this has been out for ages but its never interested me until now. Even though I hate anything to do with fairy tales for some reason I felt drawn to it and if course that cover is a massive draw.

I hear nothing but splendid things about Christina Lauren’s books. I do have another one of hers, Autoboyography, which I still haven’t read but I’m just in the mood for a YA romance and the colours again on this cover are very striking.

Currently reading :ROOMIES and it’s rather good so far. 👍

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