Currently reading – Book 1

A new idea for this blog.

I show the book i’m currently reading and use this blog as a sort of Goodreads substitute to log my reading progress. I dont actually like Goodreads, I find it very clunky and out dated.

Now be warned that the books featured on these posts will change frequently as my interest in certain books changes very fast and i’m often reading many books at the same time or dipping in and out anyway.

So, book 1 is this

Everyone knows you go home by Natalia Sylvester

First off, look at that cover! Its bloody stonking! I love it!

Second off, the book is also very readable and i’m enjoying it so far.

Third off, its annoyingly by one of those publishers who use the brilliant white, heavy paper to make it and for a paperback of less than 300 pages it weighs more than a hardback of twice the size! Grrrrrr. stop it publishers, my hand is aching!

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