These postcards are going home

Written from and too members of the Pool family

I bought these three postcards many years ago now because I love collecting postcards that are written on and especially if they are part of a collection which has all been sent to or by the same family.

Today i saw a thread on Twitter where two lovely people I follow were discussing some postcards which i wondered may have had a connection to this family and the fact that a descendant of the Pool family had got in touch and the postcards were heading back to their rightful home.

See Lynn’s fascinating blog for the whole story which is written much better than I ever could Lynn’s Waffles

So, i dug these ones out and after many Tweets and emails found that they are part of the same family and that the descendant would love to have them, as indeed i would if i came across postcards/photos/documents etc written by my ancestors.

I have just returned from posting them off and i’m so excited to think that they will be back where they always belonged 112 years after they were posted!

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Yes i get such a buzz from researching names and putting together a story of a family. Sometimes they’ve been tragic but always fascinating.

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