Normal People by Sally Rooney

If you’ve clicked here hoping to read another rave review of this book then i’m sorry to disappoint you but it ain’t gonna happen.

I actually bought the special Waterstones edition with the metallic blue spine, gorgeous endpapers and built in bookmark but at the end of the day its still a ‘crap’ book!

I know its just won the Costa Novel Award and most probably will go on to win the overall prize too but I JUST. DONT. GET. ALL. THE. FUSS!

Her characters are so unlikable!

There is little or no plot and each chapter moves on painfully slowly by a few weeks or months and gets nowhere!

Its virtually the same kind of ‘love story’ as book one with a needy woman and a sensitive man,

its pretentious nonsense,

I know heaps of folk who adore this book but its just not for me and thats fine, we cant all like the same things.

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