October mini book haul

I only meant to order one book but then that naughty book devil that sits on my shoulder talked me into buying a few more (damn my weakness) still I don’t care really, I mean how can i regret these?
cool book stash alert!
Looking at them its a pretty mixed bag.  I could never be happy reading just one genre could I?
I’m learning to love Ali Smith’s quirky writing style
I already have this in hardback but couldn’t resist getting the paperback too and finishing it this time. Now that I am getting to grips with her writing I think i might get more out of this in a second reading.
Thomas Hardy? what am i doing?
Yes this will be my first Thomas Hardy!  I did try to read this once before back in the day when some of the classics came free with a monthly partwork but couldn’t understand a word he was saying!  I may have matured a bit since then so giving it another shot.
So love this cover 
I have seen this all over You Tube and everyone is raving about it so I went mad and bought a hardback! (it better be good is all i can say)
What a damn fine cover this is! I really want that jacket.
I have been eyeing this up for months now and was intending to wait until it came out in paperback but there’s no date for that to happen on Amazon and I’m just way too impatient to wait. I cannot wait to sit down in a comfy place with peace and quiet and devour the lot!

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